Stand Up Comedian. Middle Shelf Wine Enthusiast. Pretty Good Hang.

Please send all booking requests to: Rachel@rachelfogletto.com

Rachel Fogletto

Rachel Fogletto is Philadelphia based stand-up comedian and a passed regular at Helium Comedy Club and Punch Line Philly where she has hosted for established acts such as Sasheer Zamata, Sam Morril and Judy Gold. Rachel was a co-producer for The Bechdel Test Fest, and has performed many festivals including the Women In Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and 208 Fest.

Rachel is a self-described charming over-sharer and middle-shelf wine enthusiast.  She has performed all over the country, and has even made international appearances in Canada and Sweden. Rachel was inspired to start and continue comedy every day with the mantra that “if you can make them laugh, you win.” The best compliment she has received to date was from an audience member who told her, “You were so funny you ruined my night.” 

Rachel is currently the co-producer of two podcasts: Hot Mistakes, and The Leak Podcast, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and most of the places where podcasts are found.

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